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Dermoneuromodulation Focus on Spine and Pelvis Oct 13th and 14th 2018


This workshop is an exciting way to learn to work with the spine and pelvis. We are utilizing Dermoneuromoduation (DNM) techniques to provide a connection in a non-threating way to these two amazing areas of the body. Two areas a large amount of our clients / patients complain about. You will be showed different ways to deal with pelvic floor dysfunction, sciatic nerve problems, low back pain, mid back pain and much more.

We start the seminar off with a introduction to DNM and what this practice is and then the rest of the time we demonstrate hands-on techniques for each area. Good time is provided for return demonstration and instructor support.

Workshop is Oct 13th and 14th from 9am to 4pm each day. You will need to bring a table, linen and stool if you have one. Wear layered clothing and clothing that allows for good clear access to the head, neck, back and pelvis.

If you are travelling from out of state and can't bring a table we will partner you up with a local partipcant that has a table.

Cost is $350 - early bird registration is $300 until Sept 15th 2018

Maximum number is 20 so register asap to reserve your spot.

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