Manual Neuroscience - Brain-based bodywork and movement therapy
Manual Neuroscience is a gathering place for bodyworkers, chiropractors, physical therapists and movement therapists, as well as their clients, interested in applying leading-edge neuroscience to their practices and lives.The ancient sage Lao Tzu wrote, "We are water and water yearns to be free." This freedom is experienced and expressed as one learns that movement is not just what we do, but what we are. It is embodied as one recognizes, first-hand, that the power that made the body, continues to regulate, guide and heal it through a flexible and healthy nervous system.

Our intention for this website is to provide a virtual-salon where all interested parties can meet and share information on how somatic movement, brain-based manual therapy, and applied neuroscience is improving their lives and the lives of clients, patients and practice members.

Manual Neuroscience is also the home of Dr. Jeff Rockwell, author, teacher and brain-based chiropractor and movement therapist. Combining his long-term interests in mindfulness studies, Rolf Structural Integration, neurology, and numerous bodywork and somatic practices, he looks forward to sharing with you his ongoing explorations in these areas, in ways that may empower your personal and professional lives.

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